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"Серебряное море"


 23x23x0.5см, акрил, холст



"Silver sea"


23x23x0.5cm, acrylic, canvas

Завершена несколькими слоями глянцевого лака для защиты и обеспечения долговечности.

Подписана на боковой стороне и на обороте


This abstract painting has sea and ocean vibes. It can be an ocean on another planet. Is it foam or living cells? Abstraction gives to the viewer freedom of interpretation. Every day you can open to yourself something new in the painting. When you walk by the painting, metallic paints start to sparkle. Several coats of protective glossy varnish give the painting extraordinary depth and glow to turquoise-green, light blue, violet, and silver pigments. The piece signed and dated on reverse.

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© Evgeniya Tarabrina 2018

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