science’n’space inspired photography and paintings



"Море жизни"


 30x30x3.8см, акрил, холст



"Life sea"


30x30x3.8cm, acrylic, canvas

Покрыта матовым акриловым лаком для защиты и обеспечения долговечности.

Края окрашены, что позволяет повесить работу без рамы

Подписана на обороте



Variety of colors - variety of life on Earth. With bright bold colors I convey the joy of life.

Edges are painted so the artwork can be hung without a frame.

Finished with mat varnish to protect and ensure the longevity of the piece.

Signed and dated on side and reverse.

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© Evgeniya Tarabrina 2018

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