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"Крылья моря"


 55x46x2см, акрил, холст



"Sea wings"


55x46x2cm, acrylic, canvas

Завершена несколькими слоями глянцевого лака для защиты и обеспечения долговечности.

Края окрашены, что позволяет повесить работу без рамы

Подписана на боку и на обороте


Made on commission. Inspired by the sea, waves hitting the rocks.

Shine of metallic paints stands out even more under the glossy varnish finish.


Edges are painted so the artwork can be hung without a frame.

Finished with several coats of acrylic glossy varnish to protect and ensure the longevity of the piece.

The piece signed and dated on side and reverse.

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